Monday, January 10, 2011

Yup. I'm back.

Hey, everyone.  Remember me?  I’m the girl who disappeared from her barely-started blog for 8 months for no good reason.  I didn’t get married or get a new job or develop a chronic illness or have some horrible life event occur to stop me.  I just stopped, and then never overcame the inertia preventing me from starting again.  But, in the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions and an uncharacteristically high (and probably short-lived) level of motivation, here we are!

I’ve been looking back over the scant few outfit posts I made back in the day, to see if my style has changed much.  It hasn’t.  I have worn The Cape of My Dreams a few times.  It’s gorgeous, but I find it a bit hard to wear unless I’m just standing around.  When my hands are through the arm-holes, I feel like I have on manacles.  The stiff wool moves as one big unit, and if I raise my arms above my head, the front of the cape covers my face. Not so great singing on the platform at church or trying to function at my office job.  I’ve only felt truly comfortable in it one time-when I went Christmas caroling.  I wore it with a brown long-sleeve tee underneath, a cream pencil skirt, cableknit tights, brown riding boots, and a taupe beret with a cream flower attached.  I felt very “Olde Tyme Caroler.”  

I’ve gotten a lot of new stuff over the past 8 months that I’m excited to showcase.  I’ve also gotten rid of quite a bit of stuff through donation to the church clothes closet and several individuals in need.  Too bad I still have SO MANY CLOTHES that several garbage bags’ worth of giveaways barely made a dent.  I have a serious hoarding problem.  My bedroom looks like this, only deeper:


My hoardiness has gotten so bad that I am afraid to have my landlord send repairmen to fix things that are broken, and since I’m embarrassed to have the broken things and the heaps of clothes, I don’t invite people over.  I really love hosting get-togethers, but my "If I can't do it perfectly, I'm not doing it at all" mental roadblock is stopping me from enjoying my interesting house and my super-awesome friends to the fullest extent.  Therefore…I need to get organizing and start clearing out a lot of stuff.  A LOT. OF STUFF. I’ll never be one of those minimalist I-have-3-skirts-and-that’s-all-I’ll-ever-need people, but I own enough clothing to dress an entire army of chubby skirt girls, and it is unnecessary, decadent, and borderline sinful.  I am not being a good steward.

So, I’m embarking on an out-with-the-old/not-in-with-the-new journey.  I’ll be posting more specifics later, but the process will involve some major wardrobe assessment, elimination, and organization, as well as a temporary buying embargo.  Right now, I'm feeling excited and determined, as well as a bit apprehensive.  I need to make myself accountable for this somehow, so I'm dragging you along for the ride.  Pray for me, y'all!