Thursday, April 22, 2010

Giveaway by Proxy: Spellbound Headband

I love ginormous hair accessories.  I have a lot of hair.  I like to wear it "big." The current trend of wearing oversized headbands, clips, feathers and fascinators is making me all kinds of happy!  I've been cobbling together my own hair stuff for years, but now that they're "in" with people outside the Apostolicverse, there are a lot of  ready-made options out there.  Etsy shops abound, and teenybopper stores like Forever 21 and Deb have racks and racks of moppet bows and mini-hats.

One place that is a cut above the rest when it comes to these over-the-top-yet-still-wearable adornments is Spellbound.  These headbands are seriously awesome.  Take a look at this deliciousness:

 "The Last Dance" : So innocent and child-like, but infinitely grown-up and classy.

 "As Time Goes By" : I am a total sucker for French veiling. Gorgeous.

"She's Cheerful" : If a candy store and a haberdashery had babies, they would be these fascinators.  Love!

So we can agree that her work is great, yes?  Unfortunately, the awesomeness comes with quite the hefty pricetag, so these beauties are a little out of budget.  Sad face.  Wouldn't it be nice if they cost a little less?  Would zero dollars be sufficiently inexpensive?  If you'd like the chance to own a beautiful Spellbound original for the budget price of *nothing,* then get on over to one of these fabulous blogs and enter to win one!

Kjrsten at {have a cute day} is giving away one of Miriam's beautiful pieces.  I adore this blog and read it regularly.  Her style is whimsical, yet reasonable, and I love her tone.  She also has the kind of "mainly clothes, but occasionally other stuff" balance of posts I'd like to cultivate here at I, Apostolica.  Go here to find out how to register.

Helena at A Diary of Lovely is also doing a giveaway of a Spellbound headband.  I found out about this giveaway through Spellbound's facebook page.  I'd never visited before, but after a brief perusal, this blog looks to live up to its name!  Helena's photography is beautiful, and the layout is so clean and serene.  She has a brief interview with Spellbound creator Miriam Reider and instructions on how to enter A Diary of Lovely's giveaway here.

I hope you win! Look for some upcoming posts here at I, Apostolica about making your own headbands and other hair accessories with stuff you probably have lying around your house already.  I'm going to try to school myself in some more advanced bow-making techniques.  We'll see how it goes!

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  1. LOVE the French veiling, too! Your fan, Peggy


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