Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What is an Apostolica?

I teetered back and forth between prefacing actual content-based posts with a "What's the deal with all the skirts" disclaimer, or just jumping right in and fielding questions if they arise.  I know plenty of fashion bloggers out there who don't have specific standards in dress who wear skirts most of the time, and no one seems to comment on the fact.  Conversely, the few Apostolic/Pentecostal gals I've found out there who blog about their clothes seem to get a lot of comments and questions about it.  It kind of leads me to believe that "Apostolic/Pentecostal Style" is distinctive and recognizable as such, even though we're not the only modest dressers or skirt wearers out there.  

Here's a batch of us at a recent Pentecostal Youth Convention in Kansas:

 And another set after a Young Adult Retreat in Maryland:

We're distinctive.  It's more than a skirt. It's more than having a lot of hair.  It's more than following trends without compromising modesty.  It's Apostolic Style.

I chose "Apostolica" as my online moniker because I am an Apostolic Christian, and my spiritual beliefs have a strong influence on my life, and, more pertinent to this blog, my fashion choices.  If you had to pick one defining characteristic about me, my "Apostolic-ness" would be high on the list.  Maybe right after “human” and “female.”  Yes, it’s a title describing my religious beliefs, but it’s so much more than just ticking the “Protestant, Other” box on a form. All of the things I choose to be in life; all of the decisions I make; most of what makes me me is wrapped up in my faith.  If I weren’t in church, I would be a totally different person, and I have no idea who that person would be.

Part of that personal identity is tied up in the frivolity of fashion.  I choose to keep certain standards of physical appearance that I believe are in line with what God instructs us to do through the Bible.  This isn’t a blog about doctrine, so I won’t go into a litany of explanations regarding my personal religious beliefs or the teachings of my church.  If you want to know more about our organization and what we believe, here are a few links to get you started:

Essentially, I'm a Skirt Girl.  I choose to wear exclusively skirts and dresses--no pants, shorts, etcetera. I also value modesty, so I avoid some other clothing, including short skirts, cap or sleeveless shirts, low necklines, anything sheer or super-tight--basically anything revealing or accentuating parts of myself I am reserving for the eyes of my Someday Husband. 

I don't wear much jewelry or makeup, and I have long, uncut hair.  Toss in the additional limiting factors of wearing plus-size (yup, I'm a chubby one), living in a smallish city without a ton of shopping options (Midwest all the way), and not having a ton of money (PTL for a secure job at all in this climate, but still...), and shopping can be a bit tricky. 

Yes, in some ways these restrictions are limiting, but they can also be exciting and challenging. Most "off-the-rack" outfits won't work for me, so I'm forced to be creative.  If I see a look in the pages of a magazine, I get to think "How can I make that happen in my world?" rather than "Another cute outfit I can't wear. *sigh* " 

That's me.  I'm an Apostolica. And I'm super excited about it!



  1. What a lovely introduction! As a fellow modestly dressed blogger, I have found the question of disclosure tricky. I have a few links on my sidebar to explain why I dress the way I do, and reference it occasionally in posts, but try to focus on what I *can* do with clothing rather than what I can't as part of my modesty code. I applaud your decision to be upfront about your dress from the outset, and hopefully it will clear up many of the questions you'd have otherwise received.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment and your insight! I agree, it's really all about what we *can* do.

  3. Hey gal!

    Thanks for linking me. I grew up Pentecostal, but sadly, I learned my modest clothing values not through my church. I really do hope that women in our church would dress up more modestly. It's a stumbling block to even the pastors. Thankfully, God used my husband to further open my eyes to sexual impurity in the clothes we wear.

    I'm glad to hear that you are keeping your body pure for your future husband! It makes me so happy to hear that from women. It reminds me of myself before I got married. It really does pay off!! :)

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