Monday, April 26, 2010

Outfit: You Picked This for Your 1st Outfit? Really?

Yes.  Yes I did pick this rather unexciting ensemble as my first outfit post. I'm attempting to not miss more than 3 days in a row when it comes to posting, and I'm out of time, so these pictures of me looking rough are getting the blog treatment.
Yesterday was Friend Day at church, and everyone was encouraged to come semi-casual. I felt kind of awkward singing on the platform without heels and other fanciness, just because I'm used to being dressed up in "Sunday Best." It definitely made for a more comfortable BBQ party afterward, though.  Anyway, I had a terrible time coming up with something to wear that wasn't denim, wasn't dressy, would be ok outside in the cool, misty afternoon, hid my dirty hair, and covered my legs (Apparently a spider visited me in my sleep the other night, and I now have a series of ugly bites up my shin. I hope I rolled over and smooshed the bugger).  
I ordered the taupe ruffly shirt from Old Navy online a few months back during one of their mega-clearance sales.  I think it cost $2.49.  I never wore it because, like so many ON pieces, it's made of that tissue-weight jersey material that stretches and looses its shape approximately 3.7 seconds after you put it on.  I've taken to buying an insanely small size in shirts like these, and just embracing the stretch-out factor.  This shirt is a straight-size large.  Look at me.  Do I look like someone who wears a large with no "X"s in front of it?  

I snagged the skirt recently when it first made the jump to the clearance rack at Cato.  I'd planned on buying it since I first saw it in the store, 'cause a long, tiered white skirt had been on my wishlist for a while.  I'm sure it will get cheaper, but I decided it was worth a few extra bucks to be able to start wearing it now.

I initially planned to go with all neutral tones in this ensemble, but when I put on the hat, it blended too much with my hair and just looked "blah."  I tried several brooches and flowers in the brown family, but nothing looked great, so I popped the pink one on instead.  I needed additional "pop," so I added a pink layer in the shirt stack.  

I wanted to further refine, but couldn't be late to praise team practice, so I tossed on the cutwork belt I stole off another shirt, slid on some flops, and dashed out the door.

Taupe Shirt with Ruffles: Old Navy
Brown Long-Sleeve Tee: thrifted (Target new merch @ Goodwill)
Pink Short-Sleeve Tee: Tabeez
Brown Tucking Tank (not visible): Old Navy
White Tiered Skirt: Cato
Bronze Flower Flops: Kohl's
Brown Cutwork Belt: Cato (stole from another shirt)
Brown Knit Hat: Kohl's
Pink Flower Pin: Cato

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